Update iv-18

Sometimes you need a little time to search for a better solution. I changed the power supply. And now, we need only 5V voltage as input voltage, no 12V voltage are necessary.
It’s possible to operate the DC-to-DC step up converter with 5V voltage as input voltage too. ***smile***


This is the result … This is the result … with a provisional box.


Programming my own Atmega168

The IV-18 Project is actually finished. The only thing that is not so nice, I use an Arduino Nano for control. For a long time I bought some Atmega168 microcontroller to programming this and to use it instead of the Arduino Nano.
Yesterday it was now ready, I dealt with the programming of Atmega168 via Arduino UNO. It was tearing the hair. I found a lot of pages in the internet (sometimes I have more than 20 pages open at the same time). But I got still errors.
In the evening it was time to say: Goal reached!
Now, I’m able to programming my own Atmega168 microcontroller and use it in my circuits.
In the next days I will share my knowledge and I will create a new page with all the necessary informations.