The little one


To be self-sufficient, we need two voltages: one voltage for the gear motors (normaly 7.2V), another one for the different sensors. This are 5V. To get the 5V, we can use the LM7805 circuit.
The LM7805 circuit is simply to use. We need only two additional capacitors.



It’s time to document the state of the little one!

During I’m wait for the driver IC, I assembled the “Eyes” at the little one. The eyes are a HC-SR04 ultrasound sensor. The range is from 2 cm until 450 cm. Enough for the little one. And better than infrared. The base for the eyes is a small servo. Using a servo I need only one pin to control it.

I use a small wood strip for the assembling (eyes and servo). To be flexible, I mount  only the wires with glue, not the ultrasound modul.

Also with glue I mount the servo in front of the little one.

2014-01-19 14.15.09 2014-01-19 14.14.51 2014-01-19 14.17.44 2014-01-19 14.18.48 2014-01-19 14.28.31 2014-01-19 14.28.38


I’ve get the package yesterday. Great service, thank you to RoboSavvy!!!
Here are the first pictures, at one of them you see the Arduino Uno to gain an impression of the sizing ratio of Arduino Uno and Dagu.

2014-01-16 10.52.43 2014-01-16 10.51.17 2014-01-16 10.53.53 2014-01-16 10.54.37 2014-01-16 10.55.20 2014-01-16 10.56.28


The little one was born!

I was looking for a robot chassis. The first idea was a tank to use. There are different models available, a lot of in scale 1:16. A good dimension, and with round about 30 cm length enough place for components.
The price for a tank in this category starts by 80 euros, more or less. Well, it’s ok. You will get it with rc components (remote control), but I don’t need this equipment. I use only the chassis, the chains and the wheels. The engines are not the best, so i will invest in a pair new geared motors.

And yesterday , i was searching for a tank chassis, i found my little one, i found Dagu!

Dagu is a rover 5 robotic platform. It’s included 2 engines with encoder. The price is perfect – 52 GBP (round about 65 euros).

I ordered Dagu at RoboSavvy ( in UK. Thank you internet, that it’s possible to purchase this from Germany!

Now, I’m waiting quite looking forward to the delivery …


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