Photographing water drops using Raspberry Pi

I finished the next part of another project: water drops photography.

There are a lot of amazing photos about this theme. I decided to try this self. I started with a simple equipment. First with an injection set, a flash light and a lot of time! The result was great! The next step was to buy a light barrier to trigger the camera and a solenoid valve to produce the water drops. The solenoid valve is already controled by the Raspberry Pi.
Now, I removed the light barrier and trigger the camera with the Raspberry Pi too.
This is the current state.

In the next days I will show you the circuit and the python sketch.Image


One thought on “Photographing water drops using Raspberry Pi

  1. Guess with the pi controlling the valve and the camera you can configure it to take the picture at any stage of the water drop falling. Nice. Plus it looks like a work of art too πŸ™‚

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